Tokyo Marathon 2021 (Donation-only)
The Regulations
This application is solely to make a donation.
*Note, we are not accepting new Charity Runner for the 2021 event.
Charity Program
Run for Children! Providing high-quality pediatric care to children in Laos where 1 child in 15 will not live to see their 5th birthday
Official Charity Organization
Friends Without A Border Japan
Please carefully read the following Regulations when applying.
Important Note on Donation
  • 1.
    You can choose which charity program to support by making a donation.
  • *The program outlined by the charity organization are subject to change due to natural disaster, political dispute, activity suspension and etc..
  • 2.
    In order to donate to multiple organizations, separate individual applications are necessary.
  • 3.
    The selected charity organization cannot be changed once your application is complete.
  • 4.
    All donation are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • If the selected charity organization has discontinued its program due to unavoidable circumstances, the collected donations will be allocated to another charity program.
  • 5.
    By participating in the charity program, you agree not to conflict with the Tokyo Marathon 2021 Official Partners, sell goods and/or launch promotion using the charity program. If such is discovered, further and future participation in the event may be suspended.
  • *An examples of prohibited actions includes:
  • 6.
    Receipt of the donation (donation of 2,000 yen or more per person or per group) shall be issued by the respective charity organization.
  • 7.
    Donation by an individual are eligible for tax deduction, however, excluding the following organization:
    • -Tokyo Marathon Sports Legacy Program 1,2
    • -NPO Kidsdoor
    • -Good Aging Yells
  • 8.
    All registered personal information will be used to create payment receipt and/or for charity organizations and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation to deliver further information.
  • 9.
    The donation shall be in unit of 1,000 yen and the minimum amount per donation shall be 1,000 yen and maximum of 999,000 yen.
  • Handling of Personal Information
    Please refer to our website regarding handling of personal information:
    Please proceed to the next step if you agree to these regulations.